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The Best of Rock, Mod, Britpop, Soul and Motown


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The Parkas are an energetic function band from the South East of England who pride themselves on performing mesmerising covers of songs from the 1960’s to the present day. Specialising in Rock and Pop generally associated with British Mod culture, The Parkas maintain an edge over their contemporaries by avoiding cliche songs and instead choose songs that are just as well known and just as likely to fill a dance floor.

Our Credentials

The Parkas have been subject to many changes since forming in 2012, but have always revolved around the three core members: Paul Crisp, Gary Parker and Chris Brittain. Originally a 5-piece, the band embarked on their musical journey by writing Britpop-influenced songs whilst also covering popular guitar-based hits from various decades in their own hard-hitting, no-nonsense style. Fast forward to 2017, The Parkas have sculpted a respectable reputation for being an energetic wedding and function band who provide extremely professional and entertaining live sets. The Parkas’ hard work and dedication has earned them prestigious achievements such as support slots for Nine Below Zero and From The Jam (featuring Bruce Foxton), as well as performances at The Isle of Wight Festival and The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

With over 20 years experience collectively and over 5 years performing together, the band are well positioned to provide a professional service catering for various events. The band have played many events across the UK, including the Isle of Wight Scooter Festival and the Big 7 Scooter Rally.

The band have performed with other members and special guests over the years, but have always maintained the core, crucial members. The current arrangement represents their strongest line-up ever. Together, The Parkas create a magnificently powerful sound and a memorable performance, making them a prominent booking for any event and a must-see live act.